Effects on text and/or foto within a slideshow

Hi all,
This is what I’m looking for, or something similar.
Fade in/out effects within a slideshow. As an example: www.spamoments.be
I’ve tried Joe Workman’s SpecialFX within Cycler. Didn’t work out, as confirmed by Robb.
The effect works only ones, on pageload. When that slide comes around again, nothing happens.
I want it to re-effect :slight_smile: when the slice comes back, like in the example.
Been searching for other stacks or stack-combinations. No go so far.
Any suggestions?


You and everyone else. :sunglasses:

That site uses Layer Slider and so far I haven’t found a Rapidweaver slideshow that comes close the offering that level of flexibility when it comes to animating elements and captions. There are one or two that are very good but nothing like this. I believe Defligra has come close (http://www.defligra.com/#sidepanel_9999) but I can’t find it on the site.

Of course, you can implement this exact slider yourself manually - there’s a non WordPress version available - if you’ve got the patience and the knowledge.


Combining advanced stacks with advanced features and at the same time > in this case > timing the slides > won’t work > At some point the slides will UnSync.

I made an example couple of month ago > 5-6-7 I think > combining (layering) couple of Cycler Slideshow Stacks - using the Layer Stack to combine them > the sync would work for… 30 seconds… 1 minute… 2 minutes > depending on the content… but at some point the combination of Stacks would UnSync > like mentioned above.

A slideshow like the one described would have to be a solution made for the purpose.

I’m sure we’ll se a Stacks solution like this… someday. It’s just a question of… time.

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@defligra @robbeattie
Thanks for the updates guys.