Text overlay stack for slideshow?

Here’s what I’d like to create: A slideshow of images, with client quotes superimposed on them. Of course, I could edit each image to add the text to the actual JPG, and have it fixed within the image itself, but . . .

I was wondering if there was any kind of “transparent text” slider stack that would allow me to have the slideshow in the background, with the text in a separate, transparent stack on top of it (cycling through the quotes in its timing, independent of the changing images behind it).

This would allow me to change the quotes periodically, with less work than actually editing each image to add text.

The “Parallax” stack from Nimblehost is sort of the effect I’d like–but it only allows a fixed image background–

Any nifty ideas from the RW experts?

Take a look at Joe’s Target stack. Should be able to do what you want. Then add a slider stack into it and it will change when you need it too.

You could also look at Joe’s new Impact stack. Which gives you options for text over images as well, might even be a better solution.

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Carousel Complete may also do the job - http://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver-stack/carousel-complete/index.php

Search here: https://rapidweavercentral.info/stackcentral/

There are lots of slider stacks available, including some developed exclusively for displaying client quotes (like QuoteSlider). I think just about every stack developer has at least one slider stack available. You may find you can merge some sliders with the free TintStack - to get the semi transparent fill effect and text layered over an image.

Thanks for those great suggestions. I own a few of the slider stacks, but hadn’t thought about using TintStack to get layered text . . . I’ll try that first.