Elements 3rd party opportunities

The thread Dan has put together asking for 3rd part Add-on tag ideas is an excellent idea starter. While the main HTML and CSS is going to be tailwind, all the other functionality is up for grabs. Perhaps this will be a whole new group of developers or the group of existing developers, maybe a mix of both. But what I am very confident of is Elements is going to be very well received and present a lot of opportunities for people to generate a side gig or build a new career.

Here’s to hoping EVERYONE jumps on board.


Thanks @Flash, we’re already hearing from developers outside of the current RapidWeaver ecosystem that are interested in perhaps building some Elements… but first we need to get the product shipped.

One step at a time, but I’d say the future is looking very, very exciting indeed!


Awesome to hear this!

Never hurts to start the creative juices rolling.

It will ship!

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Indicates the quality of Elements and the future support, roll out release.
Opportunity for developers is huge, new platform, new era and an extended user base. Crazy not to support.

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We couldn’t agree more :smiley: