Extend an image vertically in a stack

I have this setup in Edit mode in TCMS:

Is it possible to extend the image to the full height of the 3-column stack?

Right now, the image only goes half way.

The image however looks great in the Admin stack


Oh, the page URL is: https://bohtech.com/beatriceCMS/blog/

Show the settings for the CMS image stack.
Is that just a 1 column that it is inside of?

Scott, it’s inside of an Animate stack, which is itself, inside a 3-column stack.

David show the settings for the image stack it’s self

right …

okay, i will try to explain…
Responsive images size the height by the width.
Your origional image is 808 x 2000 or roughly .404:1`
Your image is getting sized to 304 x 752 (also .404:1)
You need roughly 1100 pixels of height for that area so you need to start with an image that is roughly 445x1100
in other words, you don’t have enough width to get that height in the same aspect ratio (without distorting the image)

make sense?

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Very clear. Thanks again Scott. This reply is a keeper.

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