TotalCMS - cannot replace an image in an Admin page

Hi all. I’m having a new problem, with something that was working…

I have the following set up in RW > TotalCMS > Admin Page

In RW Preview Mode, I see this:

I’ve republished all files, and restarted my Browsers.

I get this in the browsers.

I can’t get rid of the goat!

I select the trash bin in the browser, and I get the confirmation message, and click ok.

Refresh the page and the goat returns.

If I try to add a new image, the drag box is not highlighted and the image doesn’t “stick”.

I’m using an Admin Image for the well, (and it would be nice if stacks had more title information to distinguish them)…

I must be doing something wrong but I cannot figure it out.

Help welcomed.

Are there any errors in the log?
Put the Tcms Debug stack on the page and preview. What do you see?

what is the URL again?

I’ll add the debug stack and the URL is:

Debug stack results:

CMS Debug Info

PHP version: 7.0.31



DOCUMENT_ROOT: /home2/bohtechc/public_html

DOCUMENT_ROOT (realpath): /home2/bohtechc/public_html

SITE ROOT: /home2/bohtechc/public_html/beatriceCMS

SCRIPT_NAME: /beatriceCMS/rw_common/plugins/stacks/total-cms/totaldebug.php





CMS VERSION: Total CMS v1.4.21 (7695)

Total CMS Passport Check: {“status”:true,“info”:“Domain registered”,“trial”:false}

Hi all, I don’t know what caused this, but I rebuilt the two affected sections, and now everything is AOK.

(It’s possible that I messed things up as I tried to use RW on a flight. Of course, without decent wifi, that didn’t work)

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