Extra Paypal smart buttons not showing

I have a selection of CD albums for sale on a website. I have been to PayPal and got the code set up for the first album but after that other buttons don’t show for the other albums. This only seems to be happening with the smart buttons-buy now buttons seem to be working ok but Id like to use the smart buttons as it allows buyers to buy with a card as well as PayPal-can any one help please? I’m on the lasted version of RW and using Stacks

A url to the page is really needed for folks here to try to help.

My apologise here’s the URL http://www.jasonoliver.biz/page/index.html

It looks like only the first one actually has the smart button code in the html stack, and the 2nd and 3rd have the standard PayPal button code.

The smart button code is much longer and complex than the standard button code. Are you sure you got the smart button code for the 2nd and 3rd items, or somehow by mistake just accidentally pasted the standard button code for those two?

I can’t really see any other possibility. Maybe worth double checking what code you pasted in for the second two items. Maybe someone else will have a better explanation, but the code for the smart button is just not there for the second two items.

The reason why the standard “buy now” button codes are in the other two items is because when I put the “smart code” in the those items the buttons don’t show. The smart code only shows in the first item. Hope thats clear enough

Right, but then we can’t tell what’s going on and what the problem might be that is preventing those buttons from showing up.

Maybe you can make a test page with all the smart buttons?

Never made a test page before is there a tutorial?

Probably the easiest way is to right click on your existing page in RW’s left sidebar, then select duplicate.

Then uncheck “show in navigation” in General Settings in the RW Page Inspector (right side bar) so the page is not added to the navigation.

Then on the duplicated page remove the existing standard PayPal buttons and replace them with the smart buttons.

Then re-publish your site and post the url to the test page here.

After the trouble shooting is finished you can delete the test page from your project and the files from your server with an ftp app or from the file manager in CPanel on your hosting account.

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I think to use multiple smart buttons on a single page you need to make some changes.

Have a look here at this post on PayPal-community


Hi Doug. Many thanks for this info-not had a chance to look at it yet but I will let you know how I get on-at a glance could be the solving of the problem-cheers!

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