Why won't my website paypal button work on Rapidweaver

I have Rapidweaver 5 and have an old web site I’ve been using for many years. Now I cannot put a Paypal payment button into it. I was able to do it in the past many times but it doesn’t work at all now. I suppose I should upgrade but am afraid to do so because I am running an older Mac operating system and figure RW 8 will not work in it. . What am I doing wrong? I put in the code for the button from Paypal and nothing shows up?

Without knowing what kind of page(Plugin) you are using and where you are putting the code it’s hard to say.

I don’t use RW5, but I have the demo version. I was able to add a PayPal button to a styled text page and it seemed to work?

Make sure you when you copy the code you get it all.

Do I just paste the code for the button onto the page in the mode for building the page? Or is there something else I have to do like hot link it? Because I have tried pasting the code on the page 10 times and when I preview it’s gone.

Maybe try using “paste as plain text” from the RW menu.


I pasted the exact code into a styled text page as plain text. I’m using RW 5, I never had to import a stack thing before, all I had to do is just post in the code. But it doesn’t work now. Does anyone know why? Is there some other trick I have to do?

It would be good to look through the source code and see what’s gone wrong.
If you’re able to, could you create a test page with the paypal button code pasted in, even though it isn’t displaying, and upload it to a server?

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