Favicon or no Favicon?

(Humberto Hernandez) #1

How I place my data in RW 6?

(Mark Sealey) #2

Favicon is a setting in General Configurations.

(Humberto Hernandez) #3

Gracias Mark

Just want to know how to write the text as YoSoyLajas.Org.”

(Mark Sealey) #4

I can only assume that they text is converted into a graphic, which becomes the favicon.

(Dave) #5

You would need to have an Extended Validation SSL Certificate to take advantage of that. The EV SSL activates both the padlock and the green address bar in all major browsers. They also run well over $500 a year. More information here.

(Humberto Hernandez) #6

Thanks for answering me again.
I try that, at no avail.

(Humberto Hernandez) #7

Gracias Dave. After read your info, I decide it was too much for me. This is the end of my quest.

(Mark Sealey) #8


It’s certainly expensive, isn’t it. You could just out a regular, small, graphic favicon. Good luck!