'Find your local supplier' stack? Is there a stack which will do this?

(Gabrielle Vickery) #1

My client is using a telephone answering service for his business and he has several locations for his business.

He wants an area on his website saying something like ‘Find your local supplier’ whereby a visitor can type in their postcode, and then according to that postcode they will be given the telephone number of the supplier which is closest to that area. Does that even make sense?

Is there a simple stack that will do this?

(robertreinink) #2

I know Stacks4Stacks @willwood has a locator stack, but not sure if this will work with Postal code.

(LJ) #3

Don’t think there is. I guess the problem is it’s a big job keeping postcodes globally up to date, so most solutions are subscription models. I use Blipstar who have been pretty good - UK based and support is pretty quick.

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