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Hi everyone,

I’m totally a beginner with RapidWeaver and his addons.

I want to buy a plan on OVH to have a space to put my website and a database.

In this database I have to create a table with the products with different information, like product name, product price, etc

I already purchased Stacks and Foundry to personalize as much as possible my website.
The question is, what can I use as “search engine” in order to connect it to the external database and show on a “result page” all the products necessary?

many thanks in advance for your patience and support.

Have a chat with Bill over at Stack-its. EasyDB is very good, and he’s super helpful.


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Hi Adam,
thank you for your quick response.
Do you have any suggestion about the search engine to use with RapidWeaver? What is the best solution?

Foundry has a Table stack which can import a CSV spreadsheet file and it includes a search feature. That might work for you?


Not knowing your goal here, but maybe you are needing something more like this https://cartloom.com

Check out Tim Dietrich’s Air Publisher stack:


Will Woodgate’s
Filter stack: Filter | Stacks4Stacks
with maybe some help of Sort stack: SortStack | Stacks4Stacks
or even Webyep: WebYep | Stacks4Stacks and GitHub - maxfancourt/WebYep: Web Content Management System

Joe Workman’s TotalCMS:

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