Finding an embedded font when you don't know where it is

I have some fairly complex rapid weaver pages, using Font Vault, Section Pro, Foundation, etc.

I’m also using HTTPS, and two domain names with the site ( and and cruftless links. In turn, I end up pulling some stuff across sites, but everything has been working alright so far.

But, I’ve ended up with 1 font, Market_Deco.woff, that is being pulled via HTTP and throwing an error in the Chrome javascript console. It’s making me nuts, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Any advice on simplified methods to find it? Right now I’m going to duplicate a page, and 1by1 blow away different stacks, clear cache, and republish until I find it. It’s going to be a little misery.

I think this should help you find it:

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on a page by page test you can also run your URL through why no paddlock. Looks like it’s a javascript load that is causing your problem. About line 1117.

<script type='text/javascript' src=''


Hey thanks, that was particularly useful. Embedded form, not sure how much I can do about that one.

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