Security Warnings - iFRame

I have almost finished a site that depends on iFrames to update content. Chrome flags up a security warning and my research suggests this is simply because iframes are present. Other browsers are all okay. Is there a workaround that anyone can suggest.

At the moment all I can think of is putting the changeable content onto a linked PDF which can be changed from time to time. Not ideal, though.



Are the iFrames coming from an https source and not http?

They are coming from hidden pages on the same https site.

You could use portal if the other site is done with stacks as well:

If you can share a link to the page, we’ll try to see what the issue is. It’s almost impossible to diagnose something without being able to see it.

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Here it is: It uses Joe Workman’s security system. You can use the code 3973201 to get in through the member’s button.

The Google font/s are being loaded from http, not https. That could be the issue.


That’s easy enough to change. Thank you! I’ll try.

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THANK YOU! It worked.

Is the Portal stack used as a regular substitute for iFrames?

Can you recommend a safe way of incorporating elegant fonts that will not trigger warnings even if used within an iFrame?

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