Fixed background image

Good day.

So, I’m having a brain cramp here.

I need a background image to fill the browser window completely and to be fixed (no scrolling).

See this:

For the life of me I just can’t seem to work it out. I was thinking SectionsPro would do the trick maybe?

I’ve tried a few things, but the image I use only seems to fill the width, not the height of the browser window also. I need it to fill both like the example site.

I suppose I could just add the background with some CSS, but would like to use a stack.


Here is a little example of how to do it with SectionsPro

Project files:



Thanks, I knew it could be done with SectionsPro but just wasn’t able to get a handle on it last night.

Most likely was because it was late, I was tired, my daughter wanted me to peel about 24 apples so she could make applesauce, and so on.

Thank you

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