Help with Fixed Background on Mobile with Sections Pro

Hello everyone,
I’m close to my first live publish, but am having an issue on iOS devices and the the way background images don’t fix. Works great on a Desktop, with content scrolling over a fixed image. On iOS devices the image scrolls too.

I’m using BWD’s Sections Pro 2 and the Background with Fixed image checked.

Does anyone have a work around?

Thanks so much,

iOS or Android do not support fixed backgrounds

You can get around this by using a fixed position element that is put behind other content (Sections can do this using the Advanced Position child stack) but it is not the same, is more difficult to set up and will only work with one image per page. I would just let the image scroll normally as the device wants you to do.

Thank you so much, Andrew. I have read a lot of your posts here, trying to figure out how things work as a new user. I really appreciate your generosity and willingness to problem solve for everyone. Developer and curator.

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