Fondation Topbar Logo

The Site Logo is always scaled to the full hight of the actual topbar hight. I don’t find a way to control this. In this case the topbar hight is 60px and the Logo.png has 40px hight and should be centered inside the topbar.

I also tried TBS from BigWitheDuck to fix this with the same result.

A simple fix for this: Add a transparent space above and down the image to make it 60px height. :slightly_smiling:

ThanksJochen, thats wat I just did right now, but I thought there would be a smarter way to that. Maybe to turn the scale function off.

I’m not at my rapidweaver computer right now, but I thought there was a ‘Custom Sizing’ option for top bar, where you could set a different height

The easiest way is to add some padding to the image which does indeed default to 100% height and auto width.

	padding-top: 5px;
	padding-bottom: 5px;

Yes, but then the logo would be scaled to the new hight.

Thanks again for your assistance, that works fine…

Sorry, I thought you just wanted to set it to match a 40 px logo.

Thank you very much, any idea is always welcome