Make header smaller - Boreal theme

Hi Im using Boreal theme by Nick Cates - Im looking to make the very top of my website (where the logo is) smaller, cause there is a lot of space above & below the logo.
here is a link


You can add the following CSS to your site wide code (Wrench Icon -> Code -> CSS)

header.theme { padding: 10px 10px 0 !important; }

The Theme’s default is

header.theme { padding: 10px 20px 0 !important; }


Thanks for the fast reply, I tried your suggestion and it didnt work - I also tried pasting that CSS in the individual page (inspector>meta tags> CSS) and it still didnt work. any other ideas? Thanks!


Well, your site logo is 200px high so that accounts for almost all the blank space top and bottom according to Inspect Element… Chop off some of that blankness over and under :wink:


Your logo is too high (800 x 400px)
Use 200px and all is ok.


It’s already defined at 200px…

<img src="rw_common/images/WeeRiderz Logo.png" width="400" height="200" alt="Site logo" class="retina">

Unless the retina class is over-writing the set image size?

Also @Buggeyes , please don’t use spaces in filenames, can cause issues…


But the logo is an image with this dimension.
When she use a logo with a height of 200px, it’s better with the spaces, above and below.

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With this image, 800 x 202px, it’s more better with the logo.

You can use this picture.

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Thanks guys, I popped that picture in and it looks So Much Better!