"Force" page's refresh after website update

How to ensure that a user sees latest website changes after a site update?
I’m using the following code on the site wide code section (in the HEAD on bottom) but i still see the oldest page/cached version…

<meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache" />

It only displays the updated page if i click twice on the refresh button on the browser but since the user never knows when the page was updated it never refreshes it twice and always see the cached (older) version…

How are you dealing with this?
Is there anything else i can do?

Hey @webcore,

This is something that’ll be automatically done when you publish your site with RapidWeaver 7 (not released yet) by appending ?v=timestamp to asset URLs.

In the meantime, if you use something like Cloudflare to manage your site, they have a manual purging option:

Hope that helps,

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Hi @ElliotEKJ,
Thanks for your reply. Seems i have Cloudflare available in cpanel but never used it before and didn’t know about it until your reference. Apparently i only have to register my e-mail in Cloudflare to enable it.
I believe it’s possible to turn this off later if there’s trouble? I also don’t know if this have any SEO implications, since the data is not directly served from my host…?