FormSnap Jr. Still Working? Alternates?

(Bill Hall) #1

Howdy- I used to use FormSnap Jr. from Yabdab and it was great.

Still have it at version 1.0.4. Haven’t been able to find anything that is as simple or elegant (too bad product will killed). Any feedback on compatibility and is there a solution that is as simple?


(Rob Beattie) #2

Has it stopped working then?


(Bill Hall) #3

Ah, yes, good question and should have clarified.

I just added it to a site update, but its still in the staging directory. We’ve tested it, and it seems to be ok, but has some strange behavior: Tab color will change (odd), it adds a pre-completion footer to the completion message. Everything else is ok so far. There are ways around these behaviors, but I really don’t want to take it live if others have had bigger problems.

Too bad is was retired. Really effective.

(Keith Flanagan ) #4

Still working for me. Use it on my sites with no issues.

(Rob Beattie) #5

Use something like Sexy Thing for the slideout?

And then Doobox’ HTML Contact form for the form?

Not quite as elegant I know.


(Bill Hall) #6

Thanks for the tips/feedback. We’ll continue with FormSnap Jr. with extensive testing.

Seems like this is a nice opportunity for a stack developer. Formsnap Jr. was/is terrific. Glad I still had it installed.