Foundary vs Foundations?

Once again, I’m coming from Softpress Freeway which I found to have a bit more of a learning curve than I want. I always had to review how to do things, yet it worked very well. Now I’m thinking that I will spend less time designing if I just purchase a Theme. I looked at Foundations and it looks more like Softpress Freeway in that it is quite complex. I’m still confused of how foundary fits in. Also do I have to pay for a tutorial for Foundary? It is not included? All I want is a site with my portfolios, a contact page, and my blogger bog.


Foundry and foundation are both frameworks that are “blank canvas” themes.
Foundation is based on the Foundation framework by Zerb, Foundry is based on the Boostrap framework by Twitter.
Both have free videos and sample projects to help you learn.

This post covers in detail about the difference between

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Based on what you are writing I would probably recommend a regular theme. It’s a much simpler way to get started and many folks do not need all the additional design features offered by Foundry and Foundation. Of the two I prefer Foundry because it just suits my design needs best, and works “simpler” for me. The bottom line: both are very useful frameworks, but both likely aren’t what you need at this point.

Unfortunately the built-in themes that come with RW are quite limited. A theme that can look barebones but is fantastically flexible (kind of half-way between RW default themes being too simple and the Foundry/Foundation themes being too complex but uber-flexible) is called Volcano. There are other good themes, but at least Volcano is a great starting point:

As for bringing Blogger into your website directly: that may be tricky. There certainly used to be ways to do this, but I don’t know if they exist anymore. Blogger is kind of like 1997 in web design years and so many people have left it. The result is there is a great deal of developer-incentive to work on ways to smoothly incorporate Blogger. One product that did this well was called RapidBlog but I’m not sure it’s still under active development.


A link to the free foundry videos under “videos”

A number of the foundation videos can be found under “learn” here

Like all themeflood themes has a demo version you can try before you buy.

Thank you! Ha Ha Blogger is kind 1997. I must admit to still not owning a cell phone. I’ll look at Volcano.

Foundation also has videos here (youtube)

Getting Started Playlist
and here:
Foundation Videos on YouTube

There are videos for Foundry are on their site

Maybe a daft question but I’ve just bought the Foundation bundle, is there a certain place i need to save them in order to start using the adding etc? i can see them in my lists but i dont seem to be able to select or use them in my build.

Nope. Have you also downloaded and installed the Foundation theme?

If so, just select that as your theme.
Then add a Stacks page
Add the Foundations Site Styles stack (this needs to go on every page and is the ‘brains’ of Foundation)
Start building your page with the other Foundation stacks.

Good luck!


You need to have the Stacks Plugin (both need the Stacks plugin). Then add a stacks page to your site. Open the library and do a search for Foundation, and you should see them. I would then select all of the stacks and make them into a Foundation Group, that is what I did. This way all of the stacks are in one convenient location for you to find. The only thing you have to remember with Groups, is you have to manually add new stacks to them. I do not think there will be any new stacks added to Foundation, but just in case, you have to remember to add them manually.

I would also suggest watching this video playlist on YouTube
as the first 3 videos will show you how to get started with Foundation.

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Thanks for the help, after opening a fresh project it is the stacks plug in thats missing. As i purchased the entire foundation bundle would the plug in be in there? seems strange if i buy the bundle but then i need something else.

Ive been watching some of the tutorials (few more to go yet!) they seem straightforward once i get this issue resolved.

I think I’m with it now! The tutorial link you sent me was different to the ones I’ve been watching.

Ive got RW - i need stacks plug in - I’ve got foundation and stacks ADD ON’s

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Cheers Steve,

Its making sense now and I have everything sorted to get back to school! I¹m
looking forward to it although I thought it would be as easy as the standard

No, we do not make the Stacks Plugin, you can get it here