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I’ve just purchased RapidWeaver 8 and now need to make a decision between Foundation and Foundry to partner with Stacks. If someone would be so kind as to look at the homepage of our website - - to let me know if one or the other would be a better choice to reproduce the look of our homepage, I would be very grateful. All of this is totally brand new as I’ve been doing everything with very limited knowledge of html and will be learning from ground zero with RapidWeaver.

Thank you in advance!

Welcome on board! I am fairly sure that either one would work. And the community will help with any questions. In addition, both Foundation and Foundry have their own forum.


Both are a great. I see Foundry to be easier to use but not with as many options as Foundation, but I am biased as I am using Foundry for all my clients sites.


Thank you Tapio and Jan for taking the time to give your input – it helps!

And before you start buying stacks for either one of those two frameworks, do yourself a favor and check out BWD’s free (donationware) stacks. Some of them are Foundation-only, but most work with any theme/framework.

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Foundation and Foundry are quite similar as they’re both based on popular frameworks – Foundation on, er, Foundation and Foundry on Bootstrap. Both are aimed at providing maximum flexibility with minimum hassle. I looked at Foundry but I already had Foundation and I didn’t think it offered anything extra. Both Joe Workman and Elixir have long and distinguished histories working for the RW community so you’re safe buying either.


Thank you Rob, I’ll check out that site.

Thank you Peter - I was leaning toward Foundation but then got cold feet thinking there might be a big difference between the two that I couldn’t see.


There is no Right answer. You can search this forum and find posts asking the same question. The problem is you will get nothing but opinions, and most from folks that only have one or the other.

If you want to ask specific questions about What or how to do specific things with either of these products then you’ll get real answers.

They both have extensive online tutorials, your best bet is to take the time to go through the training videos, and see if one works better for what You want to do than the other. They are both complete frameworks, meaning they have similar features.


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