🚀 Foundation 6.1 is here!

I am really happy with this update. It has a lot of things that I really wanted inside the initial release. In today’s live stream, I reviewed all of the new features released today. There is a lot…

  • Hover effects (and more!) inside every swatch.
  • Breakpoint support to apply a swatch to a specific breakpoint.
  • Improved swatch layouts
  • Grid Pro renamed to Columns Pro
  • Column Divider options for Columns Pro
  • New Launcher stack to launch a lightbox, dropdown and off canvas from any layout.
  • Vertical Grids! Think of these as columns flipped on their side.
  • Preloaders fully functional.
  • Honeypot form stack fixed so that it works with Forms
  • Recpatcha v2 and v3 form stack
  • New List Position settings inside Site Styles


Is there somewhere a list of foundation contents? I cannot see one.

Thank you.

Covered in great detail in these videos.

About 6 hours of live stream videos, that you have to pick up the pieces, isn’t a list of content.

It’s a very difficult way to learn about or learn to use a comprehensive framework.


Videos are difficult for me (english is not my language) but will try. I need to see what i am to buy. I need site for my pictures (and maybe blog too) so is there examples of this somewhere? ‘carousels’, galleries etc?

Thank you.

Short tutorial videos are on the way. I would rather have access to Foundation 6 now and teach myself rather than wait for the videos to be produced and edited.

I find the the ‘6 hours of live stream videos’ exceptionally helpful and it takes me no time at all to click through to find the section I want to revise. To get the best out of any application, you have to spend time learning how to use it.

As for examples, I think that there are some 32 ‘templates’ included with F6 and these are growing in number all the time. Just drop a template onto an F6 page, unpack it and see how it works.

I buy for $99 and after see what I buyed? I wish you all good but no thank you.


If you are just looking for a simple site rather than crafting your own, then maybe Foundation isn’t for you. Go with a standard pre-made theme that works for your needs.

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Didn’t see a “simple site” mentioned anywhere, just asking for a valid question of what’s included with foundation 6.
To insinuate that you simple sites can be created with traditional themes is a bit insulting.

I’ve seen some fantastic sites built traditional themes from developers like Will Woodgate, Nick Cates, and others.
There’s also junk sites built with frameworks as well. I think it’s more the person designing and building the site then the tool.

If " crafting your own" is vital to you, then perhaps one of the other frameworks, fully documented, that have short tutorials today: Foundry, UIkit, Source, and others.

Perhaps it works for you, but you had a good deal of experience with Foundation and RapidWeaver. The 6 hours of live stream videos have no table of contents, so they are useless as a reference.
Can a person new to a complicated product be expected to remember even what Which of the 5 hour plus videos Joe mentions adding a swatch to a particular stack?

You can teach yourself most things, but the discovery method of learning is one of the least efficient ways to learn. And the more complex the subject, the more inefficient that method becomes.

I’m a big fan of Zurb’s Foundation. I loved Joe’s Foundation 1 based on Zurb Foundation 5. I stopped using it a while back as it became dated. Zurb released foundation 6 in 2015, making version 5 over four years old now. In web years(kind of like dog years), that’s getting old. The grid system, the backbone of frameworks used in version 5 (float) Has been replaced twice now in 6 (flex first and now x-y grid).

I’m excited about foundation 6, but I don’t have the time or patience to learn that way. I love the concept of “clean HTML,” and the power of swatches looks to add a significant amount of flexibility.

I’ve been checking almost every day for the doc-portal to be updated, or the short, concise tutorials to start to be published or even a demo site built with F6. Right now seems the answer to every question is, “have you watched to preview videos.”

Until then, it’s a wait and see for me and many others.


Whatever :roll_eyes:

I agree with Teefers on this. It would be good if Joe switched tracks from development to documenting and made at least a grid of stacks with what they can do… at least a listing of what to expect from Foundation 6… I’m piqued by some things he’s written, but they are short bursts of info… need more… dont need the full docs to understand what’s in it… just a listing of stacks, with what those stacks can do would be good… like he said “Like columns but on their side”… that’s really interesting, as placing content next to content is one of the hardest things… like I have a downloads list… which is just a label, but then there’s a button to download with… just the mere act of placing a button NEXT TO text is hard… you have to use a grid or columns or a combination of both… and if you have a list of them as I do… then you have line spacing problems… foundry provides for a picture next to text, but not “other” next to text… I have need for putting things in rows… grids are the only way I can do it… but they tend to lack spacing control… I would be interested if he has approached this, but I can’t tell from that short snippet of info… and $90 to find out is a strange way to go… and poking around in order to learn is hard… a short stint for Joe on the documenting level would help… placed prominently on his website… would really help. It’s also true that video is not for all of us… some of us want to SEE what it can do on a website… which most stacks developers get around to eventually… I find shopping for stacks is easy because they all have examples… that so helps… words can mean anything… examples really speak… it doesn’t take all that long to make examples when you’re Joe and know the product… a short time away from development and onto website documenting of the product would be good… again just a listing with what they can do or a page with examples on it… would help. Otherwise most of us are in the blind on this one.

All valid criticism. As I have said in various places, it’s coming. I will not be adding any new features to F6 until what is here is documented better.


You may not intend to be insulting, but your words strike me as unnecessarily cruel and condescending. I encourage you to reflect on my feedback to you when next you consider penning a diatribe like this, cathartic as it may feel. Happy Holidays.


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ok, so I took it down

The irony of using 60 paragraphs to tell someone to get to the point :rofl:

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Everyone has a bitch…you are don’t great joe…

F6 is very powerful and therefore somewhat advanced compared to themes and some other drag and drop type stacks. There’s nothing wrong with these things, they are just a different way to build.

If you don’t have a basic understanding of CSS such as what a class is then you will probably be better off waiting until more documentation is available.

It will come, F6 is only a couple weeks old. Take a pause, take a breath, maybe you are not quite ready for it yet. Learn a little basic web development, learn a little CSS, when you are ready jump in. You won’t be disappointed. It’s super powerful and creates very clean code compared to most RW tools.

When you are ready, it will be there.


Actually I liked what you wrote - trying to make a product/ marketing better is a great way to tell you like the product and actually a praise for the developer. Taking time to write it as well.

But I agree it could have been shorter and more to the point :slight_smile:


OK. Thank you all. I finish here. Foundations is not for me. I can say why:

  • There is not documents
  • There is not examples - if weavers.space is foundation (yes?) then is not nice. and does not work on mobile!!
  • There is not gallery. Why need to buy more?

Not for me. Maybe others. Good luck. Meanwhile i find something else. Thank you.