Are you struggling to grasp Foundation 6?

I am looking for someone who is trying to learn Foundation 6 and is struggling. How would you like to have a one-on-one with me during one of my live streams on Wednesday? Feel free to DM me or reply here if you are interested. I think that this could be a great benefit to you and others in your same situation.


I would be very interested, but I’m unfortunately never available for any of your livestreams.

For starters, what would be very helpful for all is if you could add links to every other video you mention in your videos, such as the video, “How Foundation 6 changes everything,” which I’ve heard you say more than once. YouTube even encourages adding links to other videos, and will even automatically place them in a que for viewers.

It would also be helpful if some of your lengthier 60+ minutes, 90+ minutes, and 120+ minute videos were broken up into 10-minutes or less sized videos with the best events/tutorials featured and/or highlighted so people can learn F6 without having to wade through seemingly endless hours of videos. If there’s a way to keep the learning curve less steep, to flatten things out, you can help us out in that way. You can still keep the longer videos, but shorter, more pithier excerpts can also be made.

I personally think you’re a brilliant person, and an exceptional coder, but many are not in your league, and I’m in that lesser league.

I’m sure you remember Maybe it would be helpful if you were to literally hire @ryanbsmith of RWC to produce tutorial videos for Weavers.Space on Foundation 6.

Ryan not only understands web development, but he’s also an exceptional teacher, and if anyone could build an F6 bridge for the rest of us, that would be Ryan.


If you don’t mind me recording the conversation in order to publish it, I would be happy to accommodate a time that would work better for you.

Joe – I’m the primary caregiver for a disabled family member and my days are generally 100% booked. I build/maintain websites after hours to generate revenue, which also leaves me with barely any extra time. This also means when I’m working I’m in a fatigued state, which is where I was the other day with the Swatch Pack, which I did buy anyway, but of course, I still don’t completely understand. I acquired F6 once I understood that it’s designed to ultimately be a timesaver, which I really need. I keep looking for the switch that once flipped, my light bulb will light up, and I’ll get everything F6. Your new web site is helpful. I think the idea of classes and class states as a foundational issue (no pun intended) is something I most need to understand and have an easy go-to reference. Built in color schemes would also help. I know he’s your competitor (I guess), but Adam at Elixir began building themes like Feather and Ruby with multiple color schemes, and then his stacks offered beautifully matching schemes to the schemes in those themes. These were always helpful for people like me that don’t have strong art direction skills. Nick later offered similar schemes in his themes Marvel and Royale.

If you ever change your mind, my invitation is open. :grinning:

Hi Joe, I bought Foundation 6 quite a long time ago, and I haven’t really started to try using it. I have an existing site that I may transfer into F6. Maybe would I qualify?

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I have someone who is going to be joining me tomorrow. Let’s see how that goes and possibly I can do more if needed.

OK thanks Joe, I’ll be looking anyway!

Hey Joe- I have a meeting on the books for later today that I can’t move- if I could have, I would have because I’m the perfect candidate. As you know, I’ve built a LOT of sites in F1 over the years - some quite large and beautiful. But, as my 9-5 role changed over the past several years, I’ve done far less building & maintaining websites (and much more marketing). But, my little side business is really beginning to take off. Because I know F1 so well, I’ve just built the new small websites in it, instead of F6. Each time, I’ve started the new project in F6, but within an hour, I revert to F1 since I can build it so much faster. So- that said- if you’re still looking for someone next week (or further down the road), I will clear my schedule. We could rebuild a recent site such as this one…or my side business (an old F1 site) such as this one.…or if you really want to dive deep, some pages of one of my big F1 sites that is looking like I might need to revamp during the latter part of 2021 - this one.


Here was today’s live stream! I think that saw a few light bulbs come on…

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If anyone watches this and still feels that they have questions, I would be happy to have a one-on-one with you.


  • Please watch this video. I don’t want to have many one-on-ones where I just answer the same questions.
  • The one-on-one will be recorded for others to benefit from.

Hi Joe,

please stop with these 1 hour to 2 hour videos most of us don’t have the time to sit through them.

Just stick to short and concise (10 minute max) videos.

I don’t have Foundation 6 but was none the wiser as to how it “changes everything” 25 minutes in.

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Yeah… can’t do that.

  1. Sorry, pick a feature, explain the feature (only the feature) publish and move on.

  2. Build an index with cross links so we know how to find it. Preferably with a search query available.

Just my 2¢ which is what it’s worth.


I have many targeted videos just like you have requested. Most of them are 5-10 minutes on each Foundation component/feature. You can see the videos all listed at the bottom of each section on the demo site. Demo | Foundation 6 Stacks for RapidWeaver



Thanks for the live stream Joe, Jody was the ideal student and asked many questions that somebody new to Foundation 6 would ask. I’ve been using F6 since it was released, but I did learn some new stuff yesterday :slight_smile:

Anybody who hasn’t watched this yet, it isn’t a 2-hour tutorial, it’s aimed at those who might ask ‘What the heck is Foundation 6 and why is it good for me?’

If you just can’t get your mind around the ‘concept’ of F6, then you really should watch this recording.

I can’t quite understand why you would want to stop the developer providing free support to those who do use the framework?


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Hey Hilton,
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Hey Apple,
Stop with all these Mac versions, I only need the one I want.

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I’ve watched about 90 of the 120 minutes of this video, and I think it’s your best F6 video so far because I think you’re starting to genuinely listen to the difficulties F6 users are having, and that’s great.

@jody creates websites similar to the way I do it. She puts stuff on a page and mixes it up, and eventually arrives at Voila!.

That’s a fun way to build a web page, and Stacks really lets you build that way. You can mix and match different stacks. I understand that way.

Most profoundly significant here in this video I think is when @Jody states “I’m not having any fun” with Foundation 6. See

I encourage you not to ignore this essential component for any creative endeavor. It has to be fun.

@jody described Foundation 1 as a shell within the RapidWeaver shell, and for non Foundation 1 users like me, the Foundation 6 shell is even further separated from the mother ship, the RapidWeaver shell.

Inside of the F6 shell are even more shells: Swatches, Classes, Utilities, etc, and these things are so vastly different than what we’re used to as RapidWeaver users–when RW was fun.

Joe, I know you’re familiar with fun. Next time you’re making a video, look behind you at all the Disney characters. That’s the level of fun we RW users need.

Most helpful, besides adding links to real help to every F6 stack, remember the Walt Disney formula left people wanting more; please take the time to edit your videos into pithy, 10-minute chunks. This will contribute to creating Fun6 from F6.

Forcing F6 students to sit through 1-hour and 2-hour videos doesn’t leave us wanting more but does leave us wanting less. That’s not what you want.

And please add into the video descriptions on YouTube the links to all the other videos you mention in your videos–especially add these in the descriptions to the 1-hour and 2-hour videos, as exampled below in the description for this @Jody video below. Otherwise, you’re forcing viewers to go back and get the name and then go hunt for the mentioned video, and that becomes drudgery, and drudgery is no fun.

Last question, to help you help us to reach the Fun6 epiphany, you mentioned your Dad in this @Jody video. You said he has a Mac, and you said he also uses RapidWeaver.

Does he have Foundation 6?

Change is hard. The idea of working with classes is new to many RW users. I understand that sometimes having to learn something new requires effort. This does not make the new thing bad or not fun. I am willing to bet if you put in the effort, you would have a lot more fun than you ever had with RapidWeaver.

The more that I personally use Foundation 6, the more that I am convinced that it is by far the best way to build a website. I can tell you that I have a ton of fun using it. I know that many other users have as well. I have been told many times by F6 users that when they have to go back and work on an older F1 site, they cannot believe that they ever worked that way.

This was true 18 months ago but it isn’t any longer. Now we have…

  • 25+ short form targeted videos about many (not all yet) of the various features and components of F6. I have a list of others that I will eventually get to. But the core features are taken care of.
  • There is a full demo site with examples and explanations. I also provide the entire project file that was used to build that site for you to learn from.
  • Lastly, I have a ton of long form video from my live streams. Most of them are targeted around a particular topic like forms and whatnot. The reason that these videos are important is because in long form videos, I can teach you why you need to do something. I don’t tell you to click these 5 buttons and you are done. I take my time to fully explain everything going on and reasons behind it.
  • I have a pretty awesome community at Weaver’s Space. I cannot take all of the credit there. They are an amazing group of people that are all supportive of each other and make some amazing website. There is never a question gone unanswered there.
  • Lastly, I make myself personally available week in and week out on Fridays for 4-5 hours. LIVE! Please tell me about anyone else in the world (in any industry) that does that for free. I have done it every week for 7+ years.

This would be awesome, right?!?! While this sounds easy, I frankly do not have the time (or the money to pay someone) to do this right now. I will tell you that the people that have embraced the resources outlined above would not regret doing so one bit. Even if that means taking an extra few mins to search for and locate the resource that they need.

Look… I am far from perfect. I take feedback to heart. I am always striving to be better. It always takes me longer to get there than I originally think it will. It’s up to you if you want to take that journey with me. Hop on the boat, its fun… :slight_smile:


I want to do it. BADLY. I bought it and Im unable to make a single page.