Foundation and impact

hi there friends and neighbours,
i just finished a site in foundation using the impact stack. works beautifully on my mac, not so good on my iphone… here is the url: when you go to “vita” or “interview” on the iphone the picture and the text get cut off about two third down the screen and there is no way of scrolling. i’ve been told it might have something to do with my settings (included in the screenshot) in @joeworkman 's video it didn’t say anything about changing settings for smartphones, at least as far as i remember. anybody any ideas?
thanks much and greetings, tomas

Have a look at this…

hi @joeworkman, thanks for the speedy reply! as you can see on my screenshot the settings are exactly the same as in your tutorial. what puzzles me even more is that my foundation 3-column stack gets cut off as well… as you can see on the url: on pc or mac it’s all there!
cheers, tomas