Screens+Foundation+2 col stack that doesn't display

My home page is done in screens. sub page is foundation with a simple hero header using Impact. on the same sub page I’ve got a 1 col stack with a 2 col stack inside. Another Impact instance on the left side and text on the right. 2 col table WILL NOT display it shows impact with text under it. Help! Rapidweaver 6.3.5

Could you please publish it post a link? I’m afraid it is impossible to diagnose problems like this from just a description.

If the right hand column is underneath the left hand column, it sounds like the columns have responsively stacked. What browser width are you viewing at? Are both columns of the 2 column stack set to 6 units each, for the browser width at which you are viewing?

Yes, both set to 6 units. Link here:

It looks fine to me, the image is on the left and the text on the right as per this screen shot

I do notice, however that it is an image on the left and not another Impact so I presume you have changed this from the description above in the course of testing.

Sorry if I am I missing something?

Stretching the Chrome window the entire width of my 21.5 inch screen shows the text under the pic still.

And surprise it works fine in Safari…


Like Tav said, you’re not appearing to be using the Impact stack on the lower image, looks like a standard image stack.

Anyway, I made a sample site to try to replicate your issue in Chrome and could not

Click this link to download the sampler I made that works and compare…

Hope that helps

Right, I replaced the Impact stack because I thought it was the culprit. Now I’m not sure what it is. It actually looked great in Preview of Rapidweaver, but not when I upload it to the site. Again, looks fine in Safari but not Chrome (Version 46.0.2490.80 (64-bit)) Mac.

@dellsworth, did you download my sampler project to compare? The sampler I made works in Safari and Chrome no issues.


Yes I downloaded it and it looks exactly like my page. Just took a look in latest Firefox and I got “CSS Error: Error in parsing value for ‘left’. Declaration dropped.” in the Web Developer plugin. Only thing that shows up there is the text!

@dellsworth, my sampler works perfectly in Firefox as well, no css errors. (I have not modified anything from defaults for the stacks), perhaps you have modified some css in the site preferences that conflict or in the page itself in the Inspector Window? I also am doing an export to local disk and viewing that way, not publishing to a server. If you are previewing in the different browsers from the server, I suspect that something is not being uploaded to the server. Mark all items changed, publish again and see if that helps.

Lastly, I would suggest you close all open apps, reboot your mac, perform a first aid or repair permissions on your disk, restart again and then give things a try.

Other than that, I am out of ideas


More than likely and issue with the new 8.3.5 version…

Thanks for the help tho!

@dellsworth, I am using RW 6.3.5, Stack 3, updated versions of Foundation Stack Bundles (Came out last night or this morning), I believe Impact was recently updated as well in the past couple days. Have you updated your stacks?

Am using latest Mac OSX as well (which I have to reboot every day or two due to other issues with iTunes) on a mid-2011 mac mini with i5 and 16gb ram.

There, now I am totally out of ideas lol

Contact Joe Workman support for more assistance I would suggest.

Good luck

CSS errors that are Chrome specific have come up quite a lot recently and have almost always been due to the “File Links Are:” setting in RW settings>advanced.

If this is set to anything else, try Setting “File Links Are:” Relative to Page and republish all files.

This may not be your problem but I thought i should mention it.


That seems to have done it! My setting was set to Relative to Website Address… don’t know why. Thanks!

Really wish Realmac would remove that one it does nothing but cause issues.

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I have a very similar problem - some of my images in the middle of my page don’t render with Chrome some of the time, but sometimes they do. About 80% of my images render perfectly every time. the specific images are 3 link boxes right below where it says “more gear” with a grey arrow. Very weird. The images render great with all other browsers and show perfectly in my preview, even when I preview on Chrome. I just looked at my file links settings and they are relative to page as described by Tav. My site is:

I even tried deleting the pictures altogether and putting them back in, which didn’t fix the issue.

I also get a very weird rendering with my “our story” page:

I suspect the issue is related.

Any help would be truly appreciated.

Thanks in advance…