Foundation button stack (starter pack)

Is it possible to have a button with colored text and a transparent or white background … and on hover have the background color become the text color from above and the text color turn to white? I assume this is done in site styles but I just can’t seem to find where this occurs.

“If it gets any closer it may just jump out and bite me” :dizzy_face:

Currently I have accomplished the first part but on hover it will always fades to pale grey?

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If you get Button Plus from Big White Duck, you can specify both button hover color and Text hover color. It is free and integrates with Foundation very well.

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Thanks Jason, I’ll give it a spin!

Do you know if it supports drop downs?

I don’t believe it does but I’m not positive.

And on second thought - if you select ‘Custom’ from your Style menu in the button settings, you have some more customization. And then if you check ‘Ghost button’ (down a bit lower in your foundation button settings), that might do the trick for you?

Yes it does support Dropdowns.

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Button Plus supports everything that the normal Foundation button supports, drop downs, reveals, submit links etc. It of course then has the plus features on top.

Thank you to all … Looks as if I’ve got what I need!