Foundation - How to get Started?

Love to keep up to date, converted all sites from themes to Freestacks. Now Foundation.

So my real question is could somebody kindly direct me to the sort of education, discussion, guidelines I obviously need please to move my sites forward - and not least be able to convince my clients that they need me to redesign their sites. I haven’t found any pages explaining “why bother”.

I was quite happy with right side sidebar, lovely boxes with rounded corners and some occasional flashy extras. Be kind - I came from hand coding to WordPress to rapidweaver - but design was never my strong point. And Joe’s “amazing” ad nauseam expletives (no offence) leave me cold. I want to do it but don’t know why!!

Essentially, are there any reviews of foundation?

First, I would ask you to change your title, that can be misunderstood by people who have not tried the theme that it is not worth it.

Now, here are some reviews by users of the theme/stacks

(scroll to the bottom)

I also suggest you listen to the First Podcast by Realmac where they mention they are redoing the RapidWeaver website with Foundation, that should be a huge endorsement of the theme.

We also have this FAQ on our Foundation Docs Page.

If the old forums were still available I would point you to my comparison to all of the themes that are stack based, but since they are gone, I can’t.

Hope this helps.

Title changed - certainly no offence meant. My weblife would fall apart without Joe!
Thanks for the links - they really just keep saying “awesome”. I bet Foundation is awesome, or amazing is the new word, but through the years there has always been javascript, java, css, html5 etc etc and it is difficult to assess which is worth the effort long term. Will continue through the FAQs

Wasn’t offended, just want to be sure. Also, if you haven’t found the getting started videos Joe did for Realmac, check them out here:
Parts 1-3.
Have a great day!!

Frameworks like Foundation and Bootstrap are really designed to benefit web designers - it is a tougher sell to clients. The one big selling feature for clients is Foundation was developed to be mobile first, so the client sites will work well on phones and tablets as well as desktops.

The other feature you can sell is all of the functionality is baked into the framework so the project can be completed quickly, saving them money.


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Wow, good points! Might have to add that to our FAQ! :smiley:

Another feature in favor of Foundation and Bootstrap, is accessibility is built in to the frameworks.
Your websites will be more accessible for people with vision, hearing and motor skill impairments.

I truly believe that Foundation (or any other framework) is not a selling point to the client. It’s the tools (along with Rapidweaver) that creatives use to create fantastic sites. Sell them on what you can do (no matter what plugins/addons/coding you use) rather than on the tools you use.


I agree LaPan.

Clients aren’t bothered about how the site was constructed, just as long as it does what they want and how it appears and whether you can fulfil their remit.