Foundation Theme Uses Starter and Addon Packs- Just a Note To New Users

New to this and originally dove right in and tried using the Tesla (Standard) Theme and ran into an issue or two, still not sure if I quite “got it” or not, so subscribed and started watching each and every video tutorial up until the Advanced area. Don’t want to get in over my head.

Anyway, what I found really confusing (correct me if I’m wrong) when I got to the Getting Started With Foundation Pt1, it mentions you need the Foundation Theme 1.5, Stacks 3 and Rapidweaver 6. So I started to do what was instructed and didn’t see the Foundation Stacks or Site Styles.

I’m sure I could create what was shown using other stacks etc but I really need to purchase the Starter Pack. They aren’t part of the Stacks 3.

Love Joe’s videos and don’t have a problem purchasing, but it just didn’t seem clear to me. Maybe I’ve overloaded on too many videos, tutorials, and guides. :O)

Learning a lot though!!!

Foundation theme (free) and foundation stacks come from Joe workman.
Stacks (plug in) comes from yourhead and is the frame work that connects stacks (many different ones from many developers)to RW so to speak.

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Right. I just didn’t realize at first there were separate Foundation “stacks”. I’m learning. Thanks!