Foundation / TBS Menu

(Ray Cutler) #1


I have a TBS menu on a 2 page site, but after to initially triggers the sticky, and scrolling back up the page, the sticky does not go back to its original permission, it keeps bouncing back to the sticky position.

Help @joeworkman @big_white_duck

(Andrew Tavernor) #2

It looks like what is happening is that the image above the menu is loading after Foundation has calculated the sticky position.

The solution should be quite simple - just set the MagicGellan menu to static and put it in a Chroma to make it sticky. This should wait until the image has loaded before calculating the stick position.

(Ray Cutler) #3

Thank you Andrew, Ill try that…

(Ray Cutler) #4



That has worked for the menu. I have another issue, that I have had prior to this one, is the menu is sometimes slow to load, especially on mobile.

Can you give me any advise on this?


(Lisa Sandler) #5

It’s my understanding from watching my own site that everything else loads first, so it’s what is loading before that that is the delay, not the menu itself… @tav (Andrew) can confirm for me if I’m right or wrong :slight_smile:

(Andrew Tavernor) #6

@LSPhoto is absolutely correct. The page loading is being delayed by your images. You have 3.16MB of images on your page (thats 78% of your total page size).

One of your images is very large indeed at 773kB - that is your footer image.

You really need to compress these images which will speed up your page load immeasurably. With that many images on the page, you should be aiming to get them down to 100kB or there abouts if you can.

(Ray Cutler) #7

Thank you both, you are indeed correct !

(Ray Cutler) #8

I did notice the delays after I had added the footer image.