Jumpy Foundation Top Bar & menu items not visible

I’m using the standard Foundation Top Bar. On some of my pages, it it very jumpy. Very occasionally, I also get all my menu buttons disappearing - leaving only the top bar itself.

It mainly occurs on the following page, but I have seen it on others as well.

If you load the page and then scroll down a bit and then back up, and repeatably do this you will see what I am attempting to describe. Sometimes, the menu buttons don’t appear at all!


The reason is that you have it set to sticky instead of fixed. Sticky is only for when you want the menu positioned further down in the page and want it to stick once it gets to the top.

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OK, got it, thanks, all changed to fixed now. But I’m still getting no menu buttons on that particular page. All my other pages seem to be OK. For info, I do use Pluskit Import on that page quite a lot (each of the dog profiles are separate pages that I Import. Would that make a difference?

It may. Have you tried building the page with Partials instead?