Four very helpfull mac apps that will help you with RW

Four very helpfull mac apps that will help you with RW

Magnet - using keyboard shortcuts tou can set the current window to 1/2 screen on the right side and your finder 1/2 screen on the left for drag and drop.

This very fast - increase productivity.

Paste or other keyboard manager. You can copy 10 times then selectively paste your clipboard where ever you want.

For example when I watch a technical video I take 10 screen shots while watching then paste the images into app pages or email.

(use terminal - set screenshots to go to your clipboard in .jpg)

Example 2 Markdown code for my image, post title, post body, alt tags etc. These are all lined up in the keyboard manager que. They will then be selectively pasted down where I want them.

Cookie 5 Use this in Safari and Firefox. Allows you to select cookies you want to keep and all the others will be deleted when you push a button or quit the browser.

For example in Safari when I get too many restrictive cookies and I want to feel like a new customer, I quit, then open Safari again. Command - Q then Command - Spacebar - S - Enter and in about 5 seconds Safari is open again with no cookies except the ones I love.

Duck Duck GO Safari > Pref> Search> duckduckgo This search engine does not track you or sell your data to spammers. And they don’t read your email and sell your email info to spammers.

These apps are all available through the apple app store.

Not affiliated. Hope these help, Marty


Jumpcut is another clipboard manager that works great and I believe it is free as well.

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