Free stack "Scale on Hover"

Scale on Hover is a CSS effect to scale in or out when the cursor hovers over the image.

This is my first attempt at stack development. However, I had a difficult time trying to implement the Sparkle updates and stopped developing stacks. Looking for any help with Sparkle.

You can view examples and download here.


Hey, @Dodger, this is a nice start. Don’t get discouraged by Sparkle. You’ll figure that out…

One thing about the ScaleOnHover – it would be nice to have an ability to determine which part of the picture remains in the center after zooming-in or -out (‘xy’ coordinates). Just an idea.

@Dodger - we usually keep the stack API questions over on our Slack channel:

but some good general purpose advice on getting sparkle working:

  1. Grab another stack that has working updates. And use as an example.
  2. Joe Workman has a nice php script to help with logging and details:
  3. Feeder can help:
  4. Debugging with the Stacks Console:
  • enable the stacks dev console in the Stacks Prefs under the Advanced tab.
  • remove all the other stacks from your stacks folder temporarily (so you’re sure you’re only looking at your own errors)
  • replace the extension of your stack: name it “.devstack” instead of “.stack” – this will tell stacks to log more errors
  • Launch RW/Stacks, open the console, and then click the update button – the errors that it produces can be very helpful

If you have other specific questions or want specific advice send me a message on the slack channel.


@isaiah very helpful. I will give it a try. Thanks

@Rovertek, thanks for the suggestion!

How it is possible to make that at increase in the picture, it appeared (increased) for the perimeter? Now, at guidance of the cursor on the picture, it is cut off, and interests that she at increase was shown all.