A Stack that has an image overlay

(Steve Jenkins) #1

Look at Harry’s .com site at the bottom of the home page at the three images. Once you roll over it a styled text is displayed, It will also link you to the page once clicked. I have two stacks that are not sufficient enogh, one is from CosCulture Image Overlay and the other is from Slide overlay from Rapid Ideas.

Any other suggestions? I want to be able to style the text and customize the overlay color and opacity.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

You can easily do this with Joe’s Mask Stack.

(Steve Jenkins) #3

I have that one as well and I cannot get the result I want.

(Steve Jenkins) #4

Is there a new version of this stack? I think I have an older version.

(Steve Jenkins) #5

Nope, that does not do what the example I linked to does. Or I can’t get it to do it.