FREE STUFF ROCKS! Free project: Takeaway. Ecommerce food take away

Introducing Takeaway

A free Ecommerce Project For Hot Food Takeaway

Powered By Paysnap3

Earlier this week Mr Yabdab offered the rather brilliant Paysnap for free to anyone using it to help any food business that has had to resort to a takeaway service in an effort to keep the lights on.

So I figured I’d try to keep the love going by building a free project powered by Paysnap to help them get up and running. This is available free to anyone, regardless of intended use.

Instead of building an entire project site, I decided to focus instead on building a self-contained hot food takeaway ordering system with Paysnap, that can be quickly and easily deployed by just dropping in all into a single page.



To achieve this goal I’ve pulled heavily on the awesome Limelight By Big White Duck; this is what powers the “page-within-a-page” feature of the menu: You click one of the menu buttons (burgers, pizza, etc.) and the relevant menu opens below the button bar. It’s all very clever and means adding this to any project is super easy.

The only (optional) additional pages you need are the “Success” and “Cancel” page. See the demo for details.

The demo project is built using the fantastic (and FREE!) Source framework by @habitualshaker. You can continue to use this framework (recommended) or swap out the Source stacks for your favourite equivalents.

While the demo project is built using the free Source framework, you can quickly and easily change all Source stacks for your favourite alternatives, so making Takeaway compatible with any theme or framework.

Minimum Requirements



Thanks for rubbing in the fact that all the takeaways have closed here in NZ!

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The download first requires a subscription to your @TemplateRepo newsletter, which I’m fine with, and in fact I enthusiastically subscribed, but I never received a follow up email to confirm my subscription—so I couldn’t confirm—and I couldn’t then download your Takeaway Project.

You’ve put a lot of hard work into this. So has @yabdab. Please let me reward you.

Send me (and everyone else) a confirmation request for my email subscription to your @TemplateRepo newsletter.

Please hurry. People are hungry.

It was sent, check spam please.

Great stuff, Steve. But I cannot download the project: I already did subscribe to your newsletter. And when I try to subscribe again (to get some download button or an email with a link?) it tells me that I’m already subscribed (which is correct). So, how can I download this gem…?
Best, Matthias

Well done Steve, you are a Megastar

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HI, I’m going to be sending it out today to everyone already on the mailing list. Which of course means some will get it again!

I appreciate this has been a bit rushed, and ideally it should have been sent already to those on the list, but I wanted to get it out there asap.

Just a word to those subscribing anew… The system DOES send out a confirmation email, but like a lot of these, it gets spammed. SO PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM BOX.

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Thanks so much, Steve. Just got your mail with the project… :slight_smile:

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Good stuff. I would have liked to have sent out a more styled email, but speed is more important :wink:

If this one proves popular I will make more stuff available for free.


Headsup: I’ve left a stack in the project that isn’t needed, and is a beta that no one will have. It’ll show up as “Stack Missing”. Just delete it.

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You were right @TemplateRepo, it was in the spam folder.

Subscription confirmed.

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This was wonderful! Thank you. I appreciated your “gift” of 50% off your Foundry Templates too. GOOD ON YOU!

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