Free PaySnap 3 to Restaurants affected by COVID-19

Restaurants and Food Services have been hit hard during these trying times. Most places are now forced to sell only via carry-out orders. In an effort to help build easier online order forms for these businesses, I want to give them the tools to build those forms easier.

If you are a restaurant owner ( or a designer volunteering your time to help build a restaurant order form ) then I want to send you a free copy of PaySnap 3.

Just send me an email ( to ) with the restaurant name , email address, URL and where you are in the world. I will then send you a link to download PaySnap 3 at no cost.

If you are a designer and know of a restaurant you can help out with your skills, then please do it. We all need to do what we can to help each other. :grin:


This is nice !!!

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Very nice of you!!

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Your initiative deserves at least a round of applause :clap:, we will all contribute our grain of sand, be in solidarity, … unity is strength.

Thanks Mike


Great initiative! Great offer!

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Thanks @yabdab. Great idea. Great offer.

I’ve already been trying to figure out how to use PaySnap2 to build an online ordering system for a neighborhood restaurant, but it’s been very frustrating trying to make it work.

Can you please create some PaySnap3 tutorials to facilitate this initiative? Please. If I could get it to work I would gladly pay the upgrade fee. Thanks.

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#Andrà Tutto Bene

Hi, I’m busy putting together a free template project using Paysnap and some BWD stacks. The idea is you’ll be able to lift the sample from the project and drop it into any site you’ve built, or are building. I’m going to make it “self-contained”, so an entire order system can be added using one page, so no need to add lots of additional pages to the navigation etc.

I’m also going to build a complete site using Source, for anyone wanting a fast solution. This will also be made available for free.

This is what it looks like so far. I hope to have it ready by the weekend.


Awesome! Now I’m hungry :yum:


Following the lead from @yabdab, I’m also offering the Axyn ECWID Stacks for free to restaurant/food service owners and designers volunteering their work for those businesses, so that they can create a quick ordering system with the free Ecwid plan.

Here is the link with information on how to get them:

I hope it’s ok with everyone that I’m posting this information here on this thread :grimacing:?




Dr Template Repo,

Did you acquire PaySnap3 through the free offer from @yabdab?

Just wondering how long this takes? I sent all this information to @yabdab at about 5 hours ago but haven’t received anything yet.

Have others received copies already of Paysnap3?


All cooked food outlets are closed from tonight in New Zealand for at least 4 weeks. The only shops open will be supermarkets and pharmacies.

Just received a copy of PaySnap3 this morning from @yabdab.

There is an included sample project, and with the magic of Stacks4 from @isaiah I should be able to make this work.

Mike, thank you very much for this gift. The restaurant I am working with on this project has personally helped our family in many ways the last few years, and I am honored to have the opportunity to give back to them during this difficult time.

Thanks again to @yabdab!

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My Paysnap project is nearly ready to go. Takeaway

I’ve just to make a few tweaks, fix a couple of things and add in any requests. So if you have any, make them now :slight_smile:

Before I started out making this project, I looked around at how others are using Paysnap and decided to do something a bit different. Typically I saw that most used one instance of Paysnap per item, so I’ve set things up so that you use one instance per “range”.

So, instead of one instance for regular burgers, one for double burger, and so on. All the burgers are in one instance, with all the variants setup as options, likewise for pizzas and subs. I’ve set the Dessert page to use one instance per dessert, so you have the option.

Takeway (as I’m calling it) uses just a single page, so it’s really easy to add to an existing project. I’ve built it using Source, but you can use it with any theme or framework, just change out the Source stacks.

The clever “inner-page” that opens when you click one of the menu buttons (Burgers, Pizza, etc.) uses Limelight.

Once I’ve fixed up a few bits and added in any last-minute request, I’ll make it available as a free download from

By the way, this was my first time working with Paysnap and I’m very impressed. It’s very VERY good. Really easy to get the hang of and extremely adaptable and scalable.

Once the project is available I’ll make a fresh post and drop the link in.


Lookin’ good @TemplateRepo :+1:

I’m really looking forward to it. Sounds great.

Thanks guys, this will help! :+1: :ok_hand:

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Great job!

Really a nice way to help.

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