Gift Vouchers - how best to setup with auto download of voucher

Hi all,

I’m trying to work out how to setup selling gift vouchers for a business.

I want to offer 3 voucher amounts $100, $150 and $200.

I can setup the sales and payment side no worries using a payment stack using Stripe or PayPal but what I’m not sure how to achieve…is once the customer has paid for the voucher they will receive an auto email with the appropriate value voucher pdf attached.

Anybody done this or thoughts on best way to do it please?

Cheers Scott

I’m interested to hear from others on this, but one thing that occurs to me is one could create a stripe or PayPal receipt that incorporates the gift card. Both stripe and PayPal have the ability to auto generate receipts, I presume one could attach a pdf. Various receipt templates with differing gift card values should be doable. I might be oversimplifying or missing a detail of your process, but perhaps a consideration.

CartLoom offer gift cards. They are very handy.

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