Which Shopping cart add on?

Hi all, I need to set up a shopping cart option on my website, I’d like to set it up pretty similar to this website page here: https://picturestofabric.co.uk/product/personalised-photo-cushion/ with a few variables on it. I have Stripe and Paypal set up, but don’t want anything more complicated than this otherwise I’ll never get going. Out of all the options ie. Cartloom, Checkout 2, Rapid cart, Cart 3, Paysnap and Stiva, what do you recommend?

“Checkout 2” and “Cart 3” are by @yuzool and if you haven’t been paying attention he has zero support and has left the RW community other than selling products and collecting money.

“Stiva” - I never heard of them so can’t comment.

“Cartloom” - is a good option but there is a monthly fee.

“RapidCart Pro” Is a very flexible choice, onetime purchase, but with flexibility comes a bit of complexity in the setup process.

“Paysnap 3” is simple to set up and might fit what you are looking for. Depending on what you are selling and options etc. Might check out the demos. and see if the options look flexible enough for you.

And you didn’t mention it, but there’s Ecwid both a free plugin andpaid stacks. It has a monthly charge but there is a free plan that can be used for I think for up to 10 products.


I agree with the above and would add
I use Rapidcart pro for my own site as you just pay a modest fee to buy the app and it provides excellent visual appearance.You manage it through RW though so… For clients who run much busier shops with large product inventories and complex delivery/collection options and payment processor other than PayPal/Stripe. They also like to track stock so I use Ecwid. Sign on for a free trial and in about 2 weeks you will get an email offering a half price upgrade for the first year in my experience.

Both can be made to look very individual if you wish


The products on the listed site have five products, each with three variants. If the store you need to set up has similar numbers, then Paysnap all the way. The way it handles variants is excellent and will give you plenty of flexibility. For small online stores that I manage it’s my go-to.

Stiva can handle loads of products, as it’s database driven, and you can also setup variants, although not with the same control as Paysnap, plus it is “CMS”, so the inventory can be managed by anyone in a browser window. If the client wants to maintain the store and/or there are a lage number of products, Stiva is my go-to.

RCP can do much the same as Stiva, but it requires RW as there is no “CMS” feature beyond stock levels. I can’t recall how well RCP handles variants either, so that’s a consideration. I don’t use use RCP at all now as it won’t work with UIkit3, and that’s the only framework I used for commercial sites.

EDIT: One thing to consider is that Paysnap doesn’t collect customer data, or send confirmation emails etc. It relies on the payment gateway for that. That may or may not be an issue for you.I get around this by having the “success” page, that the user is redirected to after payment, contain a form. It’s not idea, it would be great if Paysnap dealt with data collection, but it’s not that big a deal for me, but might be for you.

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Hi Teefers,
Yes I have been reading a bit about Yuzool, ok thanks for confirming what I’ve read.
Stiva is by Php Jabbers, I’ve used one of their products before.

thanks for the info. If I go down the Stiva route, do they send confirmation emails?
I know they do with my booking system (the learning curve was so high!) so maybe they do with a shopping cart? I will check it out tomorrow.

Paysnap sounds great but if the client doesn’t get an email confirmation confirming payment and shipping etc then I’m not sure it sounds quite right to me. :frowning:

Worth checking, Paysnap may send something, I can’t recall. Stiva is essentially enterprise level, so yes, does email notifications etc. Paysnap isn’t meant to compete at that level. It’s made for simple ecommerce.

My version of Stivastore has been heavily modified over the years and I can’t recall what features are standard, so check. My version does stripe and is SCA compliant, not sure standard version does the same.

You are welcome. We do hope to rebuild some trust that may have been lost due to the recent inactivity. Our focus still is to 1) Release new products (stacks and themes) this year, 2) Enhance the features of existing products, and 3) Fix any existing issues. If there are issues, please send us snapshots to help us re-create the problem. I myself have been using Mac OS for 20 years, so we as a team will do our best to support as much as we can. Our goal is at least to respond to any issues within 24 hours. Michael is based in Japan and I am in the US - so maybe we can step up the support :-). We are also considering new ideas for stacks - so if you have any thoughts, please send us an email. Kind regards,

Support Team at Yuzoolthemes.com


Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

Dear Mr. Bennett,

We have not left the RW community. We currently are working to update Checkout 2, as Stripe may have slightly modified their API. Kind regards,

Yuzool Support Team

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Dear All,

We have updated the Checkout 2 stack (now version 1.1) and it works with updated Stripe API. Kind regards,

Yuzoolthemes Support Team


Thanks for the update @YuzoolSupport. :slight_smile:
Do all of the Rapidweaver add on options/stacks have the ability to add variable shipping costs to the buttons?

Not sure myself on that one, but you need to step back a moment and think how you are going to apply shipping, and how it’s going to be presented to the user. Plus, how you are going to ensure you remain within the regs on such things.

Dear Gabrielle,

Unfortunately no, but we will be that on our list of requested enhancements and possibly incorporate it in a future release. Kind regards,

Yuzoolthemes Support Team

Ok thank you for the information.

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