Google analytics and Verification

it used to be so easy to verify a site but after 2 hours i still can’t sort it.
Any clues please ? Ive downloaded the file and uploaded it to the root folder as instructed , no joy
I used to add it to the metatags i think with the word verify
Anyway it all appears to have changed since i last did it
This is the verification google-site-verification: google1f85ae06c last bit is removed.
I think the analytics code is in place and working but who knows after the last couple of hours
Im going to stop now as the frustration is getting the better of me.

Hey @leigh,

I have always just verified with the meta tag. Putting it in the head section in the site wide code area should do the trick:



Hope that helps,

Best to get code from the ‘alternative’ google options > html tag and put in “meta tags” with the tag name “google-site-verification” - that way, it stays as part of the project and won’t disappear from your root if you manually delete files from the server. Remember when you cut and paste to put the tag name in first box and the code only in the second box - all this should be on your HOME page (or you could put it in site-wide code in RW6)

Also worth checking out Chilli Dog’s free utility for this:

I haven’t used but could be what you’re after

thx all , its in ! spent hours on this and then it suddenly worked on the last image .
Ive done everything including using yummy ftp.
But its all done now and verified.
Days like this are best forgotten ! cheers again

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Hi Leigh (and others).
I have had exactly the same problem and still cannot resolve it.
I tried manofdogz’s suggestion of the chillidogsoftware but the server wouldn’t respond.
Also I put a metatag in various header panels (see pictures) but still nothing came up in the head section of the html of the page.

Any more suggestions most appreciated.

Thank you guys for this info! It was very usefull along with Chilldog’s guide.

To make it even more easier for other newbies, I’d like to contribute two tips:

  1. When using RW -> Code (project wide) -> Metatags ->
    1st box: google-site-verification 2nd box: YOURCODE (without " or > marks)

  2. Publishing or Re-publishing all files didn’t work for me, I had to use FTP-client to wipe out
    project folder’s content and then Re-publish all files. Maybe ‘too much of work’
    experienced user but seems to be fool proof way for beginners. Use web browser’s web
    inspector to check if it worked but remember to clear browser’s cache first.