100 days and no site verification

Guys I haven’t reached out to anyone yet because this is such a straight forward procedure i didn’t want to bother anyone. However, for some reason my site will not verify on google. Any ideas. Im using RW 7.3? Latest one anyway. Lander Pro is my theme. Tried to put the html tag in all the right places, no go. Tried to use the GA method, no go. Uploaded ftp, no go. After 100 days only thing left todo is see how far I can throw my mac book pro. Any suggestions? BTW i have read i think all the topics here on this.

URL would be helpful for people to inspect. And what was the last thing you tried as well as what kind of verification are you doing.

Verification should be virtually instantaneous, you download a file from GA - put it in the your root folder on your host then navigate to the page to check it’s working - no need to add any HTML to your page. Have done it many times on many sites, all different themes this way with no problems.

Are you clicking the Verify in GA after uploading the file? - Google doesn’t automatically Verify.


Thanks Guys. It just so happens i got it working just now. I had to go into my c-panel and add the TXT code from google and it verified. But I know what you mean, putting the code from google in the Head tag for the home page didn’t work. Putting it in the site wide code Head didn’t work. Putting it in the Meta tags didn’t work for the home page or the site wide. I have done these things over and over. I watch rapid weaver classroom and its explained so anyone can understand, but it would not work. It has to be some thing specific to my host I guess? But thanks guys.