Google Analytics Tracking Code ( )

My client is sending me GA tracking code, I place it in the code area (head) of RW and when I publish, I am getting   added to the code. This is the project they noticed:, I found the same error:, but not on another project:

I tried copying/pasting the same GA tracking code from All Security into the ASA project and the   was added too.

Any ideas?

&nbsp is the non-breaking space character, it was more than likely added in when someone formatted the text before you copied & pasted it. You can see in the code where they are, open the snippet in a plain text editor and remove those spaces. Be sure you are pasting the code in as plain text.

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Scott, the weird thing is I tried that before I posted and it still showed up. Tried it again just now and the error is gone. Damn it feels more like a Monday than a Friday.

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