Google Fonts vs Theme Fonts

Hi guys,

Is it a good idea to use all the font of a site with Google Fonts or is it better to use the theme fonts?. Which one will help the site load faster and work better?.

It depends on the kind of a website you are making. Sometimes theme’s fonts are all you need. But when you want some extra pizzaz (or better typography), you may want to use Google (or other) web fonts.

Sometimes, you got no choice but use Google fonts. For example, when you are building a website that uses font subsets (like latin-ext, hebrew, arabic, martian, etc.), unless your theme supports those subsets, which is highly unlikely.

So how would you set up a Google font for an entire RW-built site?

If you are using all stacks pages, then this is simple enough to do with all of the Font stacks out there. I know for sure you can do it with FontPro by Joe Workman, but again, there are others out there.

It might also depend on your theme. Themes like Foundation, Foundry and others (possibly UIKit??) give you easy ways to use Google Fonts through out your whole site.

If you are not using Stacks pages and do not have a theme that makes it easy, then watch this video and see if it might help (I have not watched it but it was one I found on a search).

If your site is built with Google fonts instead of theme fonts, does that improve your SEO with Google?

No google won’t care if about what fonts are used. Actuality it may have a negative impact on your ranking as you page speed will slow down.