Using Google Fonts in Foundry

Hey All,

Is there a way to use Google fonts in Foundry for only one paragraph stack? I know I can use Google Fonts as a basis for all stacks in the Foundry stack, but can’t discover how to set it for a single stack.

Thanks for any advice you can send my way.


Simply use the Letterpress stack from Joe Workman or the FontStack stack from Stacks4Stacks. Or the “high end” Font Pro stack from Joe Workman. :slight_smile:

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Hey there @garageshop!

That’s not an option of Foundry. This is in an effort to keep consistent type faces throughout the project. If you shoot me an email with details of what you’re wanting to do, maybe a project file, too, we can look at it together though, talk it through.


You can use BWD’s free Paragraph Pro stack.