Google Search Console problem with duplicate pages

(Beatrix Willius) #1

Have been fixing some problems in my website in the Search Console. A couple of pages haven’t been indexed because they are duplicate. I totally forgot to translate my testimonial page so that flagging this page is clear.

But why does Google think that the following 2 pages are the same?


Beatrix Willius

(Mary Delton) #2

I looked at both those links and they do bring up different pages so I guess I can’t answer your question about Google thinking they are duplicates. Maybe you just need to resubmit each page for indexing.


(Doug Bennett) #3

They look different, not sure what to say. If you’re sure you’re reading the console report correctly then my only suggestion would be to add a “conical URL meta tag” to each page.

(Beatrix Willius) #4

Thanks for checking. Been staring at the urls too long. Problem solved.

The canonical only works if you have 2 pages where you can declare one duplicate. That wouldn’t work in my case.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #5

You are able to declare more than 2 as duplicate.

(system) #6

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