Google Search Console Indexing Problem

I have an issue with my website. After weeks of trying to understand the problem I am asking if anyone can help or say if they have the same issue?

In the google search console it shows that thousands of pages have been crawled. Yet I have only 99 pages. I am concerned that my website is not being properly indexed because of this issue and will not show up in search results.

I used a piece of software (Integrity) to check this issue and it detected the same problem.

If I add an incorrect url it simply goes to another page regardless of what gibberish I enter.

My website is If I enter it takes me to a real proper page.

If i enter (or any filename) it takes me to my home page and displays as there was no CSS.

So both the Google Search Console and the Intergrity software go into an endless loop thousands of time before they give up and fail to properly index my website.

I use Rapidweaver and Foundation (All recent versions)
I save as PHP
The server is NGinx (My webhost thinks it is linked to the php and I should change back to html)

I have revised the navigation, looked at the source code for aberrations. I use proper canonical format. No matter what I do it does not resolve this issue.

So is this a Rapidweaver issue, a Foundation issue, or my webhost’s issue?

Any feedback is appreciated with his frustrating problem.

While browsing your website, I noticed your Contact Us page is broken. You might want to remove the space in the folder name so it’s something like contact-us instead of contact us and then republish the page, as that’s a pretty important page. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding the issue, I remember an issue similar to this from awhile age, it had to do with non-existent php pages returning a page (with no css) instead of a 404 error as it should. The fix had to do with a server setting that needed to be adjusted.

I can’t remember if the user could make that fix, or if the web host had to make that fix, and the fix was on an Apache Web Server, not NGINX.

Who’s your web host?

Hi Dan,

This is Odd. In Rapidweaver it showed no space. I republished and it went away.

My host is

They are very responsive and the support has been great over the years.

Thank you for your feedback,


My webhost is

Awesome, confirmed the contact page is working now. :slightly_smiling_face:

I saw you asked this same question over on another forum. It was mentioned you need a 404 page, but looks like you already have one.

Ideally any non-existing URL should be directing to that 404 page, but they aren’t. I checked your web host for any help or knowledge-base articles to see if they have any special way to set up a working 404 page on their server environment, but looks like they don’t have any public facing documentation.

This seems like a web hosting issue though, not a RapidWeaver or a Foundation issue. When you log into your web host, do they have any kind of control panel where you can set up a custom 404 page and direct any non-existing URL to that custom 404 page?

Edit: This article seems relevant.

Pass that along to your web hosting provider and ask them to investigate if there is nothing in your web hosting control panel where you could set this up yourself.

Fantastic! Your advice worked for the hosting company.
I am a grateful Rapidweaver user.

Thank you,


Awesome, can confirm it’s working now, however I think your web host can take it a bit further. For now only the default NGINX 404 page is showing:

They will need to adjust a bit more if you want to use your custom 404.html page, which looks nicer than that default one.

Would recommend going back to them and asking to get your custom 404.html page set up so that’s the one your web visitors land on when they reach a page that doesn’t exist.

No problem, happy to help.