Google Search Console

Im getting this message in Google Search Console

Google has started validating your fix of Mobile Usability issues on your site. Specifically, we are checking for ‘Content wider than screen’, which currently affects 1 pages.

I have made a site in Foundry.

Looks fine on iphone but Google is saying its an error.

Not sure how I should fix it

Text too small to read

Not Started
Error Clickable elements too close together

Not Started
Error Content wider than screen

click on it, it will show you the page that it thinks is to wide. If it’s okay then you can click that you fixed it and eventually Google will re-crawl it and see. This sort of thing is usually caused by server issues - the server didn’t load the CSS that makes the page mobile friendly in time - (before the crawl started)

EDIT: I’ve also seen this happen because the page was loading something from a 3rd party site and it didn’t load in time.



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