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I am using RapidWeaver 8 (8.2.1) and have recently had an email from Google console saying that there are issues with text being too close together for use on mobiles ect. I don’t know exactly where the issue is except it one of the pages. The site is apparently healthy when clicking on the “health” button on RW and has been ok for the last year so i’m not sure how to resolve it?
The URL is and uses the Mountains theme.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I get those a few times. Use the Google Search Console and run the tests there. It should come out fine and the site should be mobile friendly already. Then change nothing and hit the button to verify again (this should be mentioned in googles mail). After a short time you should get an e-Mail telling you everything is fine again.

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These are largely advisory and unless you have poor design and layout should not affect SEO. Although some advisories are borderline, some do indicate an improvement can be made so worth checking.

In your case I would definitely look at the navigation tabs on large screen - they are squashed together and would benefit from some sub-menus instead of all being top level. On mobile these are quite small, have no padding to the left and become a rather long list. A good aim (imho) is to have 5-7 top level menu tabs.

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It’s really more about usability than “SEO”. Small touch targets make users work harder because they require more accuracy to hit. If users have a hard time “hitting” the link then they’ll get frustrated and probably go elsewhere.

Apple used to have an interface guide, probably still does, but I can’t find it. Anyway if I remember they recommended a minimum target size of 44 pixels wide 44 pixels tall.

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