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Hello Dan, thank you for your incredible job. I’ve been waiting for Elements for two years to renew my website. When will it be ready ? Please work harger and faster :innocent::innocent::innocent: Thank you. Fred.

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a few weeks ago you mentioned you would show publishing a page and showing the outputted code, is this still not ready to view

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Is spell-check supported in Elements?

Does Elements minify output (html, css, js) on publishing?

Is there any capability within Elements to not only optimize images, but to also provide sizes and srcset alternates (or use the picture element)?

Is it possible to ‘lock’ certain elements within a template (global) so they can’t accidentally be edited, or have their values overridden?

Does Elements provide anything similar to slots in order to provide ‘regions’ in which to place additional content in Elements? Could a slot be a special element within a template (global) that new content can be placed into, effectively replacing the ‘slot’? Bonus points if ‘slotted’ content could be preserved on template (global) changes.

Any thoughts on renaming Globals (a term possibly more familiar to developers) to Templates as it not only appears to better describe what they are, but also isn’t a million miles away from the same web standard template concept. It’s also a term that many users already have a workable mental model for through apps such as Word, Canva, Adobe, etc. The idea of creating reusable templates composed of a collection of elements seems easier to get ones’ head around than overloading elements with the idea of global elements.

Can you place templates (globals) within templates (globals)? This would help immensely when creating complex reusable layouts without having to go back and edit each and every page individually? ie: one ‘page’ template (global) that contains a ‘header’, ‘nav’, and ‘footer’ template (global), as well as a ‘main’ slot (see above) in which to place the actual page content. This way you could edit the page template (global) to replace the nav or header, without having to edit the original nav or header template (global) (thereby making it impossible to revert changes) and update all pages using the ‘page’ template without having to update each one individually.

Can you describe the best way to work with images. In the demo you are just dragging images over from the left to add to your site as required. Before we add images to Elements how much work do we need to do? When code is generated for the website are images resized as needed, do we have the option for 2x retina images? What optimisation is Elements doing to help create fast loading sites?

Hey @dan,

Will the final release version come with a (contact) form functionality?


Thanks for all the updates. As a photographer with limited web design skills, Elements looks much more flexible than what I use now, a template that can’t be edited to my liking. I just hope it isn’t built solely on a subscription model. That will sway my decision, and I detest that trend. Do you anticipate a beta to come out within the next few months?

The pricing model hasn’t been finalized, however I imagine it will be the same as RapidWeaver Classic. You can read about how it works here. It’s not the typical subscription model that most people detest. It’s a lot more fair, and one that a lot of other awesome macOS apps have adopted.

Thanks for all the questions so far, hoping to get these answered in the video tomorrow (or Wednesday as we may be running a little behind schedule again).

Keep them coming :smiling_face:

Once Elements outputs the html and css (I assume), how well could Elements import back in, or not possible, or able to paste in parts of code

I recall @dang mentioning they were looking to support Cloudflare in some manner. I’ll just leave Use Cloudflare Email Routing to send form data to email here if/when somebody is looking to implement a contact form when using Cloudflare Pages along with the functions feature.

Well sort of, I said we were tossing around ideas about integrated serverless solutions (Amazon specifically). As you mentioned Cloudflare, I said I lean towards Cloudflare because I like their products and services more than Amazon. Both companies offer modern serverless solutions though that could be integrated into RW.

If you have a preference on things you’d like to see built-in, tag @dan, @tpbradley, and @ben in the weekly video posts, or in these “What questions do you have” posts, as this would be the place to mention, ask about, or suggest that kind of stuff. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @dang for the clarification.

Primarily, I’d love to see support for publishing/deploying sites to services such as AWS Amplify, Cloudflare Pages, etc. including functions (lambda’s in AWS speak). Even just being able to submit contact forms using functions would be a great start.

Bonjour, est ce que la vente de RW Elements est prévu cette année ?
Bonne journée.

Oui, bien que Rapidweaver n’ait pas encore fixé la date. Nous attendons tous de connaître la date

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Hi Dan, I’ve been following the weekly Element Diary videos. Elements is shaping up to be quite powerful. I do have a few questions / comments.

  1. Not incorporating an internal form builder. You mentioned this would be something potentially included in later versions but not the beta. Having to have to rely on third party builders is a little bit of a bummer.
  2. Are there any advancements to the SEO tools in Elements? With Google constantly changing their criteria how is Elements keeping up?
  3. How easy to customize CSS on any item? Do we use traditional CSS or are you planning on adding any tools?
  4. Last question - the final HTML or PHP that gets uploaded…how light is the coding? I recall programs like Muse leaving a heavy fingerprint that Google did not appreciate too well.
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Are there any plans for a blog in Elements? Also, what about a CMS?


The HTML editor built into Rapidweaver Elements, rather than just popping up from the bottom would it be possible to pop out / detach, working on two screens would create more space to view page, just a thought


We have some more tweaks to make before we show it off. All in good time!

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Yes, in all the native areas of RapidWeaver Elements, however it’s not yet supported inside the Editor.

Yes to JS and CSS, and not yet for html. However I hope we can add this before we ship the beta.

No right now, but that’s a great idea.

Yes! Check out this weeks dev diary on Globals.


Yes! Check out this weeks dev diary on Globals.