Got questions about RapidWeaver Elements? Get them answered here!

Yes, our built-in Elements have options for resizing images. The Image element has options to leave images as they are, optimise for different breakpoints, or resize to a set size.

The beta(s) won’t have this functionality built-in, but I could see us building in some basic support in the future.

Yes, hopefully.

No, importing an exported site isn’t possible. You could of course copy and paste HTML into custom Elements.

I think the output in general will be more semantic and flexible, and we’re keen to continue to improve things once the beta ships.

Right now, you can add css classes to Elements, ideally you’d use Tailwind classes, but you could also write some css. There’s no visual tools for this included right now. But it is something we’d like to explore further in the future.

We only export what’s required (in both CSS and JS), so the sites should be very efficient.

Yes, we’d like to include some basic blog functionality in Elements, I don’t know if that will be part of the beta just yet. We also have local data (we’ll be showing that off soon), this is like a local CMS and I could see it being expanded further in the future to allow for online editing.

Good suggestion, maybe we could add an option for that :thinking:

Phew, I hope that answers everyone’s questions :sweat_smile: I’m off to make a cup of tea now…


Will you provide some kind of tutorial video, user guide or sample project with the release of Elements beta?

Does Elements support Tailwind Typography? I’m curious as the mention of the data sources piqued my interest. I can imagine storing text with rudimentary HTML markup in datasets that would be nice to have styled automatically using the typography defaults (and overrides). It would be even more interesting if the data sources could include markdown which is rendered to HTML when it’s injected in the element(s).

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This is an interesting idea. It begs the question of how elegantly a designer can override the default and how that override is implemented on the output.

Yes, we have the official Tailwind Typography plugin installed - it’s already being utilised in a couple of the built-in elements :slight_smile: