Greenhorn Questions

Where can I find training videos for RapidWeaver8 in general and Foundry Stacks in particular.

I have started several videos and about five minutes in discover the video was for RapidWeaver 7 or earlier.

Are there any training videos available for the current version of RW or Foundry.
I am happy to pay for this training, just want relevant training.

There are many videos for Foundry on the official website

There is also a series of videos for RW8 Many of the RW7 tutorials are still relevant to RW8.

Thanks Neil,

I just somehow assumed with all the accolades about all the new and improved and very very different RapidWeaver the old training videos would somehow be obsolete.

At the very least it might make sense to enumerate what version of RW the video was specifically written for. Or maybe just the date the video was released. Would greatly simplify SEO.

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