How can I get a Page Title onto my page?

I’m trying to get my page title, as entered in the “Override Default Setting” section of "General Settings"in the Page Inspector into my page but can’t work out how.
Yourhead’s Header stack, and others that I use, describe H1 as the Page Title.
So I want both page title and H1 on my page, but how do I do that?
As always, any help would be most welcome.

The terms are confusing. Site Title and H1 are two different things. (At least in the RW interface)
The title referred to under “Overide default settings” is the site title . It can be used by certain themes to add that to your header area. (built in to most themes at the top of the page, along with navigation).
The H1 tag is the main Header. Think of it as the big headline at the top of your content. It doesn’t automatically get added into a theme. You add it manually on a stacks page.

What theme are you using?

Thanks for the reply Steve
Yes, it is confusing, because the placeholder text in “Override default settings” says “Enter a custom title for this page.”
I am using Foundry, but previously used Flood which does allow Title as distinct from H1 to be appear in the header area.
I could presumably use the title tag in a styled text stack, but think I’d better check into this all a bit more.
All the best

Let me clarify a bit. While the site title and h1 are found in two different places in the RW interface, in the final code the site title and the header can end up being the same thing. Most themes take the RW site title and wrap it in an H1 tag
with id=title.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if you use the RW site title system, or build it yourself with an H1 tag.

SEO wise, it is best to only have one H1 tag on a page. Header1 (H1) is what that particular Page is about. You can have multiple H2, H3 tags as sub-headers. The site title is the name of the website. This can perhaps be better added to the page as part of the navigation, with a logo and/or text.

I haven’t use foundry, i use foundation. In that theme the RW site title isn’t often used directly. But it can be selected from the foundation header stack or big white duck header pro.

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And to make things more confusing…
There is another tag known as “title” which shows up in the browser tab. The title tags are added to the “head” section in the html above the “body”.
In RW, you access this from the page inspector>general settings (the first tab)>Browser Title.

Thanks for the replies Steve
I’ve now come across this page which I think explains the difference between Title and H1 quite well.
And there’s this
I’ve looked at the source code of one of my pages and the H1 does get wrapped in Title tags as you suggest.
From what I’ve read it is important from SERP and SEO purposes to have both.
For example, I would want my company name included in the title so that it appeared on the SERP - “The Widget Company’s yellow widgets.”
But there is enough branding on my page already, so I only want “Yellow Widgets” as my H1.
I understand that title doesn’t appear on the RW page itself - I believe it is inserted into the header section of the HTML code of the Inspector.
Or is it enough to “enter a custom title for this page” in the General section of the inspector?
And what of Stacks seeming to treat H1 as Title?
I appreciate your interest in this Steve
All the best

In the first article you linked to… what they call a “title tag” is the same as RW “browser Title” referred to in the post above.

The H1 tag can be created with a header stack, or added to some themes via Settings>General>Title.

Thanks again Steve
From my experience Browser title is what appears in the tab at the top of the page in your browser when you open the page - it’s what appears right next to the favicon if you have one. I always specify a browser title - needs to be quite short to appear if the user has a lot of tabs open, unless you want your pages to appear in a new window.
The page title is what shows on the search results page - larger blue text, and underlined if you have visited that page.
Really appreciate your input.

Hello again Steve -
I decided to pursue this whole thing about page titles and H1 and came across this article on which confirms the importance of the page title tag.
The article says -
“Title tags—technically called title elements—define the title of a document. Title tags are often used on search engine results pages (SERPs) to display preview snippets for a given page, and are important both for SEO and social sharing.”
I used the emulator tool and I got exactly the result I was looking for.
I then went back to one of my Foundry projects and put some text in the Header Stack and labelled it H1 (like the native Yourhead Header stack, the Foundry Header stack also calls H1 “Page Title”
Looking at the source code, the text was wrapped in H1 tags
I then added a title to the header section of the inspector and it appeared as it should in the source code
Adding a page title in the "Override Default Settings did nothing in the source code.
Getting back to one of your earlier posts, the article does say that page titles often do appear as a browser title.
I’m going on a bit about this because you have shown an interest in my efforts to understand title and H1, and also because I was confused by Stacks calling H1 Page Title in the inspector, and at least in one theme, Stacks H1 appears as “title” in the source code.
Maybe we are just supposed to know that if you want a title for your page, as distinct from H1, you have to put the html into the header section of the inspector.
All the best