Happy New Year Weavers!

(Brad Halstead) #1

Extending a very Happy, Safe and Prosperous 2016 to the community.

Thank you for all the support you have given and teachings I have learned.

Have a great one!

(Will Woodgate) #2

Ditto - a very happy new year to everyone! :slightly_smiling:

(Dan) #3

Happy New Year!

Thanks for an awesome 2015 and here’s to an ever more un-be-weavable 2016! :tada:

(Oscar Schmid) #4

Happy New Year from Switzerland

(EricW) #5

Happy new year! And some characters to get over the limit of 20 :grin:

(Stuart) #6

Happy New Year from Edinburgh.

(Matthias Ficht) #7

Happy New Year from Germany!

(Bruce Kieffer) #8

Happy New Year from Minnesota!

(Hans) #9

A happy new year from Bruges, Belgium

(Dan) #10

(Rajat Bagga) #11

Happy new year from Australia !!

(Ric) #12

Happy New Year from the sunny Algarve (raining today).

(Richard) #13

Happy New Year to all Weavers from a soggy wet north of England.